Purple Kitten Who Lived His Life A Chew Toy Finally Gets Rescued


This kitten’s story is one of the most heartbreaking tales that we’ve ever seen and when he was brought in to a shelter, no one knew what the future would hold. The animal’s body was broken from unimaginable abuse and the fear in his eyes said more than words ever could. The kitten had lived an awful life and was clearly afraid of what would happen next.

The animal was believed to be roughly two months old upon arrival at the shelter and from the looks of it, he had never experienced anything resembling a normal life. Arriving at a San Jose animal shelter in December of last year, the animal had been painted purple by some cruel owner who erroneously thought it would be funny.


If this was the only thing wrong with him, it would be one thing, but the kitten was also covered in an array of cuts and scratches. The animal had several deep bites and while some might have immediately recommended for him to euthanized, the shelter decided to contact a foundation that could provide help.


The Nine Lives Foundation stepped in quickly, as there was no time to waste. Monica Rudiger, the founder of Nine Lives, believes that the kitten’s wounds stem from being used as a bait animal for a dog fighting ring. We cannot believe that anyone would ever put an innocent kitten in harm’s way like this and are grateful that he was able to escape these adverse circumstances.


He has since been renamed Smurf and Smurf is more than ready to put his past behind him. While he is likely to recover from his physical wounds eventually, what he will not recover from are the mental scars that remain. He was shaved on numerous occasions and given several baths, but the purple dye is still present. Rudiger believes that the animal must have been attacked with an undiluted garment dye.


However, this story is heading for a very happy ending. Smurf’s story has been spread throughout the Internet and the more people learn about him, the more they want to provide him with the forever home he deserves. He will need to get his strength back up before moving in with a new family, though.


SMURF update! Today SMURF was playing with his 2 new friends, feeling so much better! Thank you to everyone who has called & visited ! This little guy will undergo surgery next week to repair the large wound on his right leg/ knee but all the other wounds are healing nicely! His little friend CHERRY shown on his left, takes good care of him! They will be going into foster care next week together!

Posted by Nine Lives Foundation on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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