Kindhearted Citizens Rescue Shivering Dog From A Storm Drain


Early on a cold weekday morning, in the Jilin province in China, citizens were busy commuting to work. The morning commute in this area, as well as most others, can be a rush of faces, hustling and bustling, doing their best to be at their workplace on time. But on this particular morning, some citizens would be calling in late. What they tell their bosses may sound like excuses, but they, in reality, were busy rescuing a small dog from a storm drain.


Lu, the kindhearted citizen, heard a dog’s cries sneaking up through a small crack in a manhole cover. She was not going to go any further until she figured out if there was an animal needed helping. And, just like her instincts and sense of sound told her, there was. She gathered other caring passersby to explain the situation and get more help on the scene.


Pedestrians gathered from all over the street and began to use tools, and anything they could find, to pry open the cover of the storm drain. City municipal officials stopped, offering assistance, as well. The plan was to get the man hole cover open so someone could go down and manually get the pup out of the drain.


Working together payed off, as the citizens eventually got the cover of the storm drain open. One kindhearted man went down into the drain and carried the scared, but seemingly healthy pup out. Lu, the woman who first heard the dog’s cries, took the animal to a vet after it was freed. The vet was happy to report that the pup was healthy.


Lu has decided to adopt the dog until the family comes forward to claim him. She takes very good care of the pup, and will never forget the day she met him. Something tells us the pup won’t ever forget that day either, or Lu, who saved his life!


Share this story in the hope that anyone who comes across an animal that might need assistance acts just like these amazing citizens. They took the time out of their day to show some love to a dog who really needed help, and hopefully anyone who finds themselves in that same position will act with just as much compassion and save an animal’s life!

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