It’s Just A Normal Car Ride Until This Song Comes On The Radio


Most people have heard a dog bark. Most people have heard dogs howl. Most people have never seen or heard anything like this video. This is really strange and so funny that you will have to share it with all of your dog loving friends and anyone that likes a good laugh.


The fairly large black and white dog named Honey gets in a car with its lady owner. The owner switches on the CD player and the music starts up. The dog starts an unbelievable performance as soon as it hears the tune.

Honey howls and growls along with the music. The growls are so guttural that you have to wonder if the dog does not like the music. The dog may in fact hate this tune and that may be what the show is really about.

The lady driving the car obviously loves this tune and the dog. She tries to sing along with the tune but the dog’s conniptions are so funny that she just breaks out laughing. The woman has obviously seen this show before and probably has seen it every time she plays that song.

The lady and the dog and the man singing do a short little performance that definitely stars Honey. You have to watch this and share it with others. The video is really that funny. The video is short too so you can put it on constant play and irritate people you work with.

Honey is loud. Honey is really loud. The dog gets so loud you have to wonder if the woman is wearing hearing protection.

This little video may be the start of a completely new trend in music ratings. A group of dogs listens to new music before it is made public and the dogs determine what will be the next top tunes. The dogs could be the stars of a new reality television show.

Everyone who owns a dog has seen their reaction to music and television. No one knows what makes the dog react to the music like they do. Dogs have been with people for over 20,000 years so they probably got attuned to music a long time ago.

Animal reactions to human behaviors are always amusing. Share this amazing show with your music loving friends and those who hate the music that you listen to. This video is sure to get a laugh form even the most vicious music critic.

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