Injured Dog Goes To Basement To Die … Until People Bring Him Back To Life


Warning: Some of the images that you are about to see are quite graphic in nature. Viewer discretion is advised. The story you are about to read is about a dog named Jerry. You see, Jerry had completely given up on life. In his mind, there was absolutely nothing left for him to live for. He had been through so much pain and suffering, he longer wanted to be alive. Unfortunately, many of us out there can probably empathize with Jerry and understand exactly where he is coming from.



But our plight pales in comparison to Jerry’s. He was gravely injured and his last act as a living dog was to find a basement to wait for his inevitable death. He did not plan to move and he did not plan to live another day. The basement he found was in an unidentified shop and once he made his way, he collapsed onto the floor.


All of a sudden, he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue group that is located in India, received news that Jerry needed their help. Jerry had never been in greater need of a helping hand. The rescuers finally located him and could not believe their eyes.


He had a massive wound on his head and the wound had already experienced infection, as the bugs in the basement were crawling around inside of it. The dog has completely given up on living a normal life and it is easy to see why. As the rescuers came nearer, Jerry laid motionless, since he was skeptical of their intentions.


Once he realized that they were there to help him, he finally gave his consent. The rescuers decided to build up Jerry’s trust level, by providing him with delicious treats. The presence of caring and compassionate people restored Jerry’s faith in humanity and most importantly of all, his faith in himself.


It took nine long weeks, but Jerry’s head wound finally healed, thanks to the tireless efforts of his rescuers. As soon as he was healed, he reverted back to his old form, becoming the friendly, affectionate dog that he used to be. No longer forced to sit in a basement and wait for death, he is able to feel all of the love that he had missed out on in the past.

Be sure to take a moment to watch Jerry’s rescue and his amazing transformation. It is difficult to imagine what would have become of Jerry had the rescuers not arrived when they did. If you love animals, then spread this story far and wide. Show it to your friends and loved ones, then post it on your Facebook wall, so that they are able to spread the love, as well.

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