“I’m Not Leaving You, Mama!” This is What Love Looks Like.


The mother in this clip is named Lizzie and she experienced a great deal of trauma when her and her joey (whose name is Phantom) were struck by a car. After their accident, they were taken in by the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. While little Phantom was able to walk away from the accident completely unscathed, his mother was nowhere near as lucky as he was. Lizzie emerged from the accident with a collapsed lung and severe facial trauma. In order for her to survive, she would need to go under the knife and receive surgery. This devoted mother was not forced to go through this difficult endeavor all by herself, though.

Phantom refused to allow his mother to handle this surgical procedure alone, clinging to her and refusing to let go. The veterinarian assigned to this surgery allowed them to stay together. Phantom was far too small to spend time on his own and his presence was clearly a stabilizing influence for his mother.
Thanks to the work of this animal surgeon, Lizzie’s long term prognosis has improved and she is expected to make a full recovery. Mother and son are now currently recovering at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, where an outdoor koala recovery unit has been established for this exact purpose.

Their collective recovery could not be going any better, as Phantom is finally gaining weight and developing into a healthy adult koala and spending most of his time performing explorations of his brand new habitat. Lizzie is now able to cuddle with her precious baby as often as she would like.

There have been a number of advances in koala based research. However, many koalas have been dying from disease and these numbers will only continue to rise. With donations from considerate animal lovers, these sickly koalas can receive the medical attention necessary to live a long, full life. Your donation will provide koala bears with the help that they are desperately seeking. In order for these animals to make a total recovery, they need gifts from caring and kind donors all over the world.

While this story has come to a happy ending, all koalas are not as lucky as Phantom and Lizzie. The koala population diminishes each year, due to varied factors. Disease, climate changes and the carelessness of humans are causing a yearly decrease to their ranks. These cute, cuddly creatures are in need of help and we could use your help!

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