Ignorant Human Watches A Struggling Cat, Then Dog Comes To Help


We all run into situations that require a helping hand from time to time. No one is impervious to problems and when these inevitable situations arise, having a friend close by who can help you out can be the difference between a favorable outcome and a not so good one.

Friends can come from anywhere. We tend to make friends in situations where we least expect to. Friends come in all shapes and sizes and for the cat in this video, they even come in all breeds. The animal has found itself at least temporarily blindfolded and without the help of a good buddy, there is no telling what could happen next.

The cat’s frustrations are causing him to give in to his growing anxiety. Can you blame him, though? Most of us would completely lose our cool if we were placed in a situation where our sight was obstructed and no amount of effort was able to restore our ability to see. The cat’s reaction in this situation is more than understandable.

The cat’s frantic efforts to free itself from the tyranny of the cup eventually attract the attention of an unlikely pal. The cat’s canine buddy heads over to see what is the matter and while it takes a few moments of clever maneuvering, the dog is finally in a position to free the cat from the makeshift blindfold.

All it takes is one swift and decisive move for the dog to bat the cup away from the cat’s line of sight. While cats and dogs are considered to be enemies, these two are clearly close friends. The cat then decides to play it off and act as if the whole thing never happened. Shame on the human who noticed that this poor cat was suffering and decided to record them instead. Luckily, the dog in this clip was not that callous.

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