I Had No Idea About These Secrets For Shopping At Target. I’m So Glad They Were Leaked By An Insider


If there is a store that you like to shop at frequently, it’s always a good idea to know about some of the insider secrets. This would allow you to save money and become a savvy shopper.
Target has a well-followed schedule for markdowns and it is relatively well known. Knowing about this schedule could help shoppers to get in on the deals faster. There are also a few other tricks to know about when shopping at Target – and this video helps to show off those tips and tricks to help anyone become a savvy shopper.
The first tip is to know about the clearance and markdown schedules. Monday through Friday, there are different departments covered. On Monday, electronics, books, baby and kids clothing is marked down. On Tuesday it is pets, foot items, and women’s clothing. On Thursday, men’s clothing, lawn and garden items and health and beauty are marked down. Thursday includes lingerie and sporting goods, while Friday includes jewelry, hardware, and automotive.

There’s also a little red tag on the clearance items. There’s a number in the upper right corner. That’s the percentage off. So if you see a 70, you are getting 70% off of the item, but if you see a 30, it’s only a 30% discount.

If the item’s price ends in an 8 or a 6, such as $3.48 or $4.16, it is going to be marked down again if it doesn’t sell. If it ends in a 4, though, it’s the final price that it will be marked down to.

Target also limits the number of returns that can be made if you don’t bring in your sales receipt. The cap is $75 a year and they do keep track of it.

Mobile coupons are offered by Target, and they can be sent right to your phone. 10 or more new coupons are added every week. There is a Cartwheel app that you can add to your phone to make it easier to gather these coupons.

If you have reusable bags, bring them in. For every one that you use, Target will give you $0.05 off of your purchase.

Did you know that Local Goodwill stores will often have donated items from Target that are brand new? You may be able to shop at Goodwill and get the same things you could get at a Target store for less, and they have never been opened!

This video was eye opening because as an avid Target shopper, there were a lot of things I didn’t know. Now I’m excited to check out their markdown schedule and start saving more money.

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