I Can’t Believe A Cat Would Do This To Save A Newborn Puppy Life!… INCREDIBLE!


This is a really cute heartwarming little video that shows how much people care about abandoned animals and how strong the mothering instinct is in all animals. Norland, named by the Cleveland Animal Protective league, is a pit bull puppy. Norland was abandoned and left to die by an uncaring owner. The people at the clinic rescued Norland but had a severe problem. How were they going to feed a one-day old puppy? No female dogs that had just had puppies were available so the resourceful folk at the animal shelter decided to try a cat adoption. It has worked before in other places.

The team at the Animal Protection League tried to get a cat named Lurlene that had just had kittens to adopt and nurse Norland. The cat took to the puppy immediately. She licked the dog, nosed him, and nursed him just like he was one of her kittens.

The film of the large puppy in a bed with four small kittens and Lurlene is just too cute and so nice. The folk at the animal shelter show that animals just do not seem to care what type of infant they need to tend to. Animals only know that the little animal needs food and care. Apparently in Norland’s case, and the huge number of abandoned animals that are left to die in the United States every day, animals are more caring than a lot of people.

Norland is a big dog even at a few days old. Norland needs extra food that Lurlene cannot supply, so the ladies at the animal shelter bottle feed Norland. Lurlene is in strict attendance to make sure that the women do the right thing by her adopted dog. The look at the kittens and dog snoozing in the bed all snuggly together is just so cute. None of the little animals can see as of yet, so they have to be looked after. People at the animal shelter have never seen this behavior in a cat before but it has happened on numerous occasions. There have been examples where predators like tigers have adopted deer that would normally be food for them when the mother tiger was nursing.

You should take away two things from this fun and loving little video. Mothering appears to be species independent at least in animals. This find in Cleveland could be a resource that keeps other abandoned dogs and cats from dying on the street. This Video shows that a few dedicated people can make a startling difference in the lives of animals and other people. The idea is that if you want a pet, go to the animal shelter first and pick up a pet that needs a home. This video also expresses the need for volunteers at animal shelters to at least temporarily adopt an abandoned animal like Norland. Who knows, you might have your own video of a cat adopting a dog or a dog adopting a cat.

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