A HUGE Box Came For The Dog. Watch The Pup’s Reaction When He Sees What’s Inside!


Who says dogs can’t get packages? Our buddy Harper is certainly excited to open his up, that’s for sure. As the video starts and the dramatic strings begin to swell, Harper is pacing around like a madman, waiting for his mother to open his box. The dog’s enthusiasm is too funny, as he bounces and paces like a little kid on Christmas morning as soon as his parents get up.

When Mom finally removes the item from the box, Harper dives right in, sniffing and probing. He wants to know more about his present and he doesn’t care who knows it. This dog is definitely not into playing it cool.
As the box is opened and the packaging is removed, it becomes evident that Harper’s parents have bought him a brand new bed. Perhaps his old one wasn’t good enough or maybe he was sleeping in Mom and Dad’s bed too much? No matter the reasoning for the purchase, Harper is certainly grateful and watching him hop around while the bed is being opened is too adorable to put into words.

The pillow is the first part of the bed to be removed from the plastic and judging from the look on Harper’s face, he approves. No pet parent wants to purchase a bed for their beloved companion that does not meet their approval and we are sure that his “folks” are breathing a major sigh of relief.

Harper then sets about the task of marking his new territory, rubbing his face all over the new pillow, leaving his scent all over every nook and cranny. We are not quite sure who Harper is trying to protect his new bed from, but his efforts are more than admirable.

Best of all, the puppy even reaches out to shake the hand of the person who helped him open his package. Cute and appreciative? Harper is the classic example of a double threat. No wonder why his parents love to lavish him with such nice gifts, it is rare to see an animal display this level of gratitude, as many of them are the more entitled type.

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