How This Cat Reacts When He Sees His Owner Is Just Hilarious!


It’s obvious that cats love to sleep all day (probably at times when you are out working). The moment you arrive; he wants your attention, your company and your affection. It seems that these little creatures know exactly what is the exact moment when you wake up because that will be the perfect moment to spend some time with him, to play with him, to give him some food (obviously).


Even if their owners are busy, cats always do their best for interrupting them and to have their attention. We all know that these animals are able to distract their owners in the most different and random situations. It can be when they are watching TV, reading a newspaper or performing any type of activity, there is always a cat appearing in these moments.

And we also know that cats are affectionate and possessive animals and unlike dogs, cats are not happy with a little wooden house built on the outside of the house; since they can sleep on the couch or in the bed of their owners. So far nothing new. In addition, cats are animals that show excessive jealousy towards their owners, for that reason, that need special attention.

Cats are narcissists. The video of the cat below is the perfect example of that: when his owner gets home he will try to do anything to have his attention. He will jump as high as he can just to make sure his owner will notice he’s there. And he thought okay manifest all his feline skills to the camera.

And be prepared for this: cats have the ability to jump all over the place from an immobilized position. They can jump up to 5 times higher than their own body height. But in this case, you will be definitely surprised about the way this cat reacts when he sees his owner. This is an awesome way to show to his owner just how much he loves him!

You can tell that watching this video: he shows how excited and how happy he was just like a dog would show.

And don’t forget to pay attention to your cat reactions and try to anticipate them – spend a few minutes of your night with him. Cats are almost “ninjas”; they will find unimaginable ways to have fun when they have no attention. They are insistent, curious and smart.

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