How These Donkeys Say Goodbye To Their Friend Is The Most Emotional Thing You’ll See Today


It is a very emotional and sad time when anyone of us lose a human being in our lives that we count so dear, as we will sure miss them due to their passing away from illness or some other tragedy. And we also feel a deep loss when we lose our pets. Our grief is very real as humans at the loss of people or pets we have loved and cherished over the years.

But it is not only humans that feel the loss of their loved ones that they are close to or their pets that they have spent so many years with. Animals indeed do feel deep sadness at the loss of their companions when death takes them unexpectedly from their lives.

And in the video here we see some donkeys–quite a large group of donkeys–actually grieving over the loss of another donkey that is so sadly laying lifeless on a sheet of plastic on the ground that the owners of the donkey put on the ground for it to lay on.

It was as if the owners knew they had to have a special dedication time for the rest of the donkeys to be able to mourn for their friend whom they loved and now have lost so unfortunately. The plastic, that may be referred to as a tarp by some, is dark and somber to match the occasion of this seemingly type of funeral for the donkey. No human words are said, though the human owners do put stones down on the corners of the plastic to keep it in place, so that the corners do not blow in the wind and so that the donkeys who want to be near their friend who is now deceased do not trip over them.

The donkeys honk and honk. There are greyish black donkeys, some white and black spotted donkeys and even a pretty beige colored donkey. Yes, they honk and honk. They are so upset by the passing of this dear donkey who lay there on the hard ground on top of the clean dark plastic with his eyes closed, never to open them again.

The donkeys then began to make mourning and weeping sounds from deep within themselves, even worse and more mournful than the honking. They had heavy hearts. Many people have never heard or seen donkeys grieve like this. Some even sniffed and seemingly kissed their friend.
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Some kicked at him to try to get him to stand up and one even tried to pick him up by grabbing its hip area with its teeth, but he was not strong enough to get the donkey on its legs. And the donkey lying there could not stand anyway, as he had passed away. Finally, all the donkeys realized that he was gone forever and that they had indeed lost their friend.

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