How She Decorates Her Easter Eggs Left Me In AWE! You’ve Never Seen Eggs Like THIS Before!


The fun of the hunt is on this Sunday. If you’re tired of messing with egg dyes, there are 2 simple tricks to decorate your eggs without the hassle. The first is to use fingernail polish and warm water and pretend you’re a barista. The second is to use decorative napkins and pasteurized egg whites to cover them. However, if you really don’t mind dying eggs and having fun with the children, there is a third decorative trick that will take you back to the days of the peace symbol and tie-dyed t-shirts. The instructions are below and there is a video to show you how to do the different egg techniques. The video is for the visual learners who don’t like to read instructions. Happy Easter and Happy Hunting!!
1: Fingernail Polish and Warm Water

You will need:

• warm water in a large bowl,

• Fingernail polish colors,

• And eggs.

In the bowl of warm water, pour nail polish in circular or wiggly design. Lower the egg into the nail polish and water, and scoop upwards. As you do, catch as much color as you can.

2: Tie-Dyed Easter Eggs

You will need:

• Rubber bands,

• 2 to 3 different bottles of food coloring,

• Warm water with vinegar,

• And eggs

Twist the rubber bands around the egg in a pleasing pattern. Place it into the bowl and allow them to soak for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove the rubber band and you will have a tie-dyed Easter Eggs.

3: Decorative Napkin Wrapped Eggs

You will need:

• Eggs

• Decorative Napkins

• Basting or Paint brush

• And 2 pasteurized eggs—lightly beaten

This was clarified for safety’s sake. Pasteurized eggs are safe for using when raw. Due to the health issues associated with raw egg/yolk or white, it’s best to buy pasteurized eggs. They are not a hazard if consumed raw; however, if you have a child under the age of 5, you might want to check with his pediatrician to determine if it’s safe for him or her to handle raw egg—even when dry.

Boil and refrigerate your eggs (preferably overnight). It will require 3 decorative paper napkins. Strip away the back layer of the napkin—it’s relatively easy to do, just rub the napkins between your fingers to get it started. Cut the napkins in 4 squares and lay them out. Take 1 square and wrap it firmly around the egg. Hold the egg in one hand and use the other to evenly brush the egg white over the paper on the egg. Cut off excess paper and allow them to dry.

For all three designs, hard-boil the eggs first and then allow them to cool. The eggs for the paper covered-decoration should be cold.

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