His Humans Left Him In A Doggy Motel, When They Return Watch How He Greets Them…


Anyone who says that dog don’t have amazing facial expressions have never seen one that is trying to issue the stink eye. Hannibal is a boxer who was placed at a doggie motel when his human owners went away on vacation. When his owners returned, he was sitting in his enclosure. His dad have the camera out and Hannibal but his front paws on the wall and made eye contact with the camera.

So does would be really excited to see the return of their owner, but not this dog. He remains very stoic and seems a little on the upset side. The dog remains standing at the window. As the dad moves back and forth, the boxer continues to follow him with just his eyes.
Oh, we can only imagine what Hannibal was thinking about his dad. It’s as if he’s saying, “Oh, so you managed to return?” This is one of the best cases of stink eye ever! The side eye expression is not too funny for the owners, as we can imagine, but it certainly is funny to us.

The dog was probably none too happy to be left at the doggie motel in the first place. Although the motel was probably night, he was fed well, and played with, he was not with his family. He would have much rather spend time with his family and been taken on vacation. Instead, he was left behind with virtual strangers.

Now that the family is back in the dog wants to pick him up, he is speechless. He doesn’t know what to say, and so he is determined to give his dad the side eye, which is the epitome of the stink eye we have ever seen one.

The video is a short one, but you can see exactly what we are talking about. The side eye/stink eye look is a serious one, but one that you can’t help but laugh at. The dog probably got over it, but he probably made his dad feel pretty bad about putting him here in the first place. Maybe Hannibal’s parents will think twice next time they go away.
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