High school cross country team invites shelter dogs to run with them on their morning runs


In order to remain healthy and happy, dogs need plenty of exercise and affection. We wish we loved anything as much as a dog loves to run and when they are cooped up inside of shelters, they often lose the enthusiasm and spark that they are best known for.


When these shelter dogs are in need of love and exercise, they have nowhere else to turn. There are only so many volunteers to go around and most of these people do not have the time or energy needed to keep these animals truly happy.

Fortunately for the dogs in this story, a selfless California cross country team made the choice to step up and answer the call. Since their practices are comprised of running anyways, they figured that the animals could use a little bit of love and exercise. They began to take the dogs with them during their workouts and it is safe to say that the animals benefited immensely from the experience.

The resulting activity was captured on video and it is certainly a sight to see. The St. Joseph High School visited the Santa Maria County Animal Shelter to select dogs to join them on their first annual “Dog Run” and the team’s coach, Luis Escobar, took to Facebook to shed further light on the experience.

He thanked shelter workers Geoff Clinton and Stacy Silva for matching his team with the right dogs and spoke about not being able to discern who was more excited by the experience, the dogs or the kids. He closed the message by stating that the team had a great time and couldn’t wait to do it again soon.

We can’t even begin to imagine the looks on the faces of passerby when they saw a cross country team running on the side of the road, accompanied by an equally large pack of shelter dogs. While you would think that these cooped up dogs would be able to run for much longer than a group of high school kids, one dog named Fred got tuckered out during the latter part of the proceedings and if you’d like to find out more about his adventures, be sure to watch this clip until the very end.

Please share this heartwarming and hilarious clip with all of the dog lovers you know, so that we can spread awareness about the ongoing plight of shelter dogs everywhere.

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