These 2 Have Very Different Thoughts When It Comes To Swimming Pools. You’ll See What I Mean.


You hear of dogs going into the pool all the time, but what about raccoons? Raccoon brothers, Willie and Waylon, are night and day when it comes to going into the swimming pool.

One of the raccoons jumps right into the water and is enjoying the nice cool water. The other one is willing to get his paws in, but that’s about it. As he watches from his sidelines as his brother actually goes for a bit of a swim, it looks as if the other one is worried about him.

Willie is the one in the pool and then it looks as though Waylon is trying to save him. It’s as if he’s saying “Grab my hand, I’ll pull you out of the water.” However, Willie is reaching for him at one point saying “come on in, the water is great.”

The two raccoon brothers cannot seem to see eye to eye on how to go into the water. One is the swimmer and the other is the worrier. He may not go into the pool more than just getting his paws wet and that seems fine by him. Who ever heard of raccoons being excellent swimmers, anyways?

This amazing animal video is only about a minute and 20 seconds long, and is absolutely priceless. Seeing two raccoons in a pool would surprise most people, but you can tell by the voices that the owners have seen this a few times before. They’re not too impressed by what’s going on, but we’re sure glad they made the video to share with the rest of us.

It doesn’t take long at all, so watch the video and see what’s going on with these crazy animals. It’s one of those fun videos that will cheer you up and put a smile on your face. Share it out on Facebook with your friends and give them a reason to smile for the day, too.

What do you think the raccoons are saying to each other? Do you think the one will convince his brother to get into the pool at some point? We may never know, but the video is a must watch!

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