He’s Just Setting Up For A Still Shot, But Then He ‘Clicks,’ And My Heart Sank


Most people don’t think of the effect they’re producing when they toss a wrapper or bottle cap on the ground. One man is making sure that after seeing just one of his heart wrenching pictures, you will never be able to forget again. This photographer and warrior, for the rights of wildlife everywhere, paints a compelling portrait of the disgusting environment the birds and other living creatures must endure on Midway Island. The shoreline of the North Pacific island may seem worlds away, but these pictures bring it close to home, no matter where you live.
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The massive amount of garbage and waste that washes up on the otherwise beautiful beaches of this would be paradise, pulls at the threads of humanity. Having to recognize this uniquely generational problem, one is ready to jump out of their seat, upon viewing the photographer’s ground zero perspective. It is rare for a person to capture the gripping revelation of microcosmic effect on a grand scale. The pleas of desperation are felt, incredibly and intensely, throughout the course of the portfolio.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then there is more than a few books worth of tears that begs the question, why are we doing this? It could never be a more important time to act on the emotions that these images provoke. Prepare a trauma kit before viewing, your heart will be bleeding out to find a way to breathe life into these snapshots into human immorality.

Like a violent pornography, these sketches of waste and wasted lives evoke the kind of stomach twisting you don’t want to experience. It’s a train wreck, and a morbid sense of self destruction is the overwhelming decree of the entire work, shown with brilliant detail. Enough to make you need a bucket to get sick in. Like watching our sins in still life, the collection of photo’s depict the reach of man’s inequity and the effort we must make to right the course that our actions have led us down. If you have a weak constitution, view with care. If you have a temper, be careful, this body of work may make you want to convince the next litter bug you meet with an outburst of aggression.

If you’re not moved by the depressing vignette of the dead and dying seabirds, you can’t possibly be human. The tiny rib cages exposed, shrouding a gullet of garbage, will wrap the witness in the guilt of a survivor, realizing we are also the killer, and it needs to be stopped. So, look upon these disturbingly necessary pictures, documenting absolutely terrifying cruelty and see it as a reflection. Your reflection in the waves of that ocean that crashes onto Midway Island.

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