Hero Man Saves A Tiny Vervet Monkey From An African Wild Fire


Heroes are defined by many different words, but their actions are not – as – different as it brings hope and succor to the lives of others.

We have learnt many times over the course of our existence on this planet that heroism transcends nationality, race, gender and all other divides. Here is a story that proves that heroism transcends the lines of species – at least the vervet monkey in this story agrees.

An unfortunate brush fire had just raged somewhere in the forests of Uganda and among the casualties was this tiny marsupial who sustained several injuries as a result of the burns it received from the fire. The tiny animal had just seen its home burn down and was nearly roasted with its abode until it was found and rescued by a Good Samaritan from its physical and emotional torture.
The monkey was obviously in a lot of pain – something which was made worse by the intensity of the sun under which his savior had to walk a considerable distance carrying the poor thing on his back in order to find a shelter where its wounds could be attended to. By using a combination of his hat and regular cooling with water, he was able to keep her temperature down and alleviate the pain it was going through while trying to get the monkey the much – needed treatment.
He then went further to call in a taxi to deliver the little monkey (which he called Florence) to the wildlife centre where it was to be treated. The tiny little simian was taken to the sanctuary where it was treated to a stable point and as of this moment, Florence is in a healthy situation thanks to the efforts of this unnamed man.

Rescuers believe that it was really lucky to have been found when it was – and that was a contributory factor to its survival; they also say it will need surgery to help it correct some of the other problems caused by the burns it sustained but the good news was that the damage which it sustained can be repaired successfully. But for now, my bet is as good as yours, that Florence is pretty grateful to be alive.

In just a matter of few weeks, it has gone from a state of visible fear and pain – filled calls to the hopeful prospect of a safe, happiness – filled life and heartily playing with children. Its hope has been restored by a true hero.

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