Here Is Proof That Dogs Have The Worst Sleeping Habits


Dogs are not just man’s best friend, but they are also one of the most beautiful sights to behold when they want to be. When they jump around, wag their tails or do any of the other thousands of stuff they do that her us gushing and mushy-ing all over them.

Dogs are adorable – even while sleeping. They need – just like us – to sleep-in order to regain their strength and stay healthy – there’s no pointing out how harrowing it can be to watch them fall sick.

Dogs can be lazy too. Especially when it comes to sleep time – which is pretty much any time. The following pictures just prove what your already know – that dogs fall asleep just about anywhere.


Can it even get lazier than sleeping off on the body of another moving animal? Yes it can – this one slept on two sheep.


Still talking doubles, this dog slept in not one, but two flower pots.


Imagine banging heads on the table in frustration – and sleeping off from there. You get the picture.


Maybe it was a really hot day, but how else will this pup explain sleeping off in its water bowl.


It’s one thing to sleep off under the couch, it’s another to sleep off halfway through getting under the couch.


Who said car handles don’t have other uses. It’s sometimes a bed for lazy dogs


Sometimes dogs like to play human – like sitting on a chair with their head on the table – and dozing off.


Who needs an actual bed when you can just turn just about any piece of furniture into one.


Even humans sometimes fall into the arms of sleep after a particularly good lunch. This dog fell victim too.


If there’s anything this dog needs to learn, it’s how to use a pillow. Points for using it at least.


Maybe it’s sleep, or maybe it’s the shoes. We’ll never know.


When the guitar returns, it’s going to find that it’s home now belongs to – and fits – some dog else.


Even human kids know how cost the couch corner can be.


Looks like a washer, then it is as good a place to sleep as any.


Park, reverse, drive, sleep: this guy is heated up for quite the ride.

Their lazy sleeping habits make them even more adorable than ever – and makes it easier to take pictures of them too.


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