Her Bullied Son Received Shocking Texts, But Mom Never Expected This Would Happen


Amy Briggs is a mother in New York who decides to talk about the heartbreaking story about her family. She has two sons, Michael and Daniel. Michael was the sports fanatic and a good student. Daniel was an old soul that was always looking for a way to help people. Daniel has been the victim of bullying for most of his life. Daniel was always being bullied. Once he got into high school, it seemed to explode. He wasn’t into sports, he was into hunting and trapping. That made him a target because he didn’t have common interests with the other kids at school.

It started out with name calling. Then he was punched in the stomach, forced to lick a bus window, and ridiculed for everything he did. Kids even threw trash at him. He would talk with the kids that bullied him and ask them to just leave him alone. He went out of his way to avoid the kids and it didn’t stop.

Some of the kids would even send texts. One text even told Daniel to shoot himself so he could do the world “a favor”. Daniel texted back and said that he wouldn’t have to worry because he was going to go home and kill himself. The kid came back and said “put up or shut up”.

He told people throughout the day that he was going to go home and kill himself. He even told the bus driver. He told Matt, his hunting buddy. But it was the last person he told because he knew Matt would do something about it.

He was writing notes to his sister who was then telling her father, who was a friend of Rob, Daniel’s father. Amy and her husband missed the call. They were at Michael’s basketball game. Another friend called at the same time and said that Daniel was talking suicide. Amy called her neighbor and begged her to go over and check on him until he could get home. She called out his name and she thought she heard him. She shouted out “We love you” and then she heard the gunshot.

Amy ran into his room and it was the most horrific sight she had ever seen. She was screaming, but couldn’t feel anything. She could hear Michael screaming that he wanted his brother back. She was asking the EMTs to find a pulse, but it was too late. Amy beat herself up for a while, wondering what she could have done differently. People have sent her letters and kids told her about how much Daniel had meant to them all. The family will never recover. Daniel needed to know that he was loved. She urges everyone to validate people and if someone says they are going to kill themselves, they need to step in.

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