Helpless Puppy Had Nowhere To Go, So He Found Warmth In A Nativity Scene’s Manger.


When an animal is homeless, they will seek shelter in any location that can house them. Spending night after night on the streets means that beggars can’t be choosers. The thought of an innocent animal having nowhere to go during the holiday season is saddening, but the dog in this story took lemons and decided to make lemonade.

All this dog needed was just a little bit of warmth to get through the night and the pup found one of the most fitting places to seek shelter in during the holidays. Like so many others have done in the past, the pooch turned to Jesus for refuge during a time of need. The dog’s choice is almost too perfect for words.

This story takes place in Brazil, all the way back in 2008. A dog was left to their own devices during the holiday scene, without a warm place to sleep. From there, the animal located a nativity scene and chose it as their resting place.


The pooch must have been well versed in the stories of the Bible, because they definitely took a cue from Mary and Joseph by choosing a makeshift stable as a place to sleep. The pup was a weary traveler with nowhere to go and emulated the actions of Jesus’ parents during a stressful period.


As the animal slept one of their most peaceful sleeps, they were watched over by a variety of plastic animals and angels. The resulting scene is almost too adorable to successfully put into words. Spectators would eventually stumble onto the nativity scene/hotel the next day and their hearts were almost instantly melted.

The German shepherd had curled up right next to Jesus himself and of course, many pictures were taken on the following day. Of course, there were a great deal of “awws” being said and it is our most sincere hope that one of these people opened their heart and their home to the dog, letting them spend Christmas with them.


After all, who could possibly ignore a face that is so sweet and innocent? These heartwarming images have been shared around the world since they were initially snapped and they should be shared with an even wider audience, so that we never lose sight of what is most important during the holiday season.

So don’t be shy and share away. And be sure to help those who are in need whenever you have the opportunity!


These sweet images that have been shared around the world thousands of times are a reminder of how compassionate we should be this holiday season, especially to those who are in need.

Share away, people!

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