Heartwarming Illustrations Show That Love Is In The Small Things


Multi-talented artist, Philippa Rice creates some of the most adorably hilarious web cartoons. Her illustrations are simple but very poignant and insightful, especially when it comes to the simple small ways people can show their love. Those little things we sometimes overlook.

Soppy is the title of her comic book and it is unashamedly suitable. Without using the typical things such as hearts and roses to show love for our partners or significant others, she takes a different direction, showing the everyday manners we share our love and lives together.



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Simple but important things like sharing a hug first thing in the morning, spending time together even without having to be involved in the same activity at the time, are the focus of Rice’s comic book and her message. Love isn’t complicated, simple acts of kindness and consideration matter.

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The cartoons of the couple sharing life together in her comic book are quite delightful, as they share with us the simple ways to show our love to each other. Rice has completely captured the hearts of everyone who has enjoyed her web comics and her various other creative talents such as her absolutely adorable hand-crocheted characters that are actually 3-D colleagues for comic characters.

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Her new comic book Soppy is heartwarmingly honest in what it means to share the simple acts of love that keep every relationship growing. It is the simplest little things that are in reality the biggest actions which ensure those we love know they are loved.

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Even the most routine tasks, like brushing your teeth and getting ready for the day together are more enjoyable when you do them together. Throughout her book Soppy, the theme is about doing things together and that togetherness can mean the most when it comes to showing your loved one you truly care and value them.

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True love really does mean showing those we love how much we value their presence in our lives. Rice captures this important truth in such and brilliantly cute way. From showing her cute couple compromise when it comes to things like what to cook or order for dinner to turning putting together that IKEA furniture into a pretend game of playing with Legos to take the stress out of it.

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If you want to warm your heart and put a smile on your face or the face of those you love, be sure to check out this great article that gives those who see her cute comics a sense of joy to be carried out through the day. And make sure to share it so others get the chance to enjoy Philippa Rice’s beautiful picture of what love truly is.

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