Heartbroken Shelter Dog Stops Eating Because No One Wants Him. Then Someone Took This Photo…


We’ve all made those trips to the animal shelter and wondered if we could take every single dog and cat home with us. It is so hard to see all of their sad, pleading faces and know that we can only rescue one at a time. If we had it our way, we’d be able to set them all free and they would each find a forever home to call their own.


One of the hardest parts about leaving the animal shelter is knowing that a large number of these prospective pets will end up being euthanized if they do not find a home. Lots of dogs and cats are put to sleep each year, since the amount of shelter animals far outnumbers the amount of people who are willing to take them in and provide them with the care that they deserve.

The shelter decided that they wanted to change these fortunes, as one of their dogs had been living with them for about a year. In many instances, this dog would have already been euthanized, but this particular pup was special.


His name was Dozer and Dozer’s situation depressed him so much, he essentially gave up on living. He did not want to eat and his playful spirit was gone. A staff member decided to harness the awesome power of social media and created a sign to put around his neck. The sign provided additional details about the dog’s current living situation and was then uploaded to Facebook.

The staffer created the social media post in hopes of attracting positive attention to Dozer’s situation. Luckily, the Facebook posting tugged on more than a few heartstrings. These efforts were not all for naught and Dozer’s post received quite a few likes and shares. Just take a look at these adorable photos!


The photos worked like a charm, as Dozer was finally able to find someone to adopt him and bring him to his forever home. At long last, this adorable pup has someone to love and care for him.

The plight of animals like Dozer goes unnoticed all too often and it is great to see people using the power of social media for the greater good. Please share this post, so that other animal shelters can take note of events like these and alter their adoption processes accordingly. Thanks to social media, more and more animals can now find new homes. What’s not to love about this story?


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