He Was Tied Up To A Pole With A Note Asking For A Home. Now Meet His Unlikely Savior!


The puppy in this video is named Joey. Poor Joey was left all alone, without a place to go. Can you believe that someone tied a note around his neck and tied him to a pole? The note stated that Joey was looking for a home and the cruelty that was displayed by his former owners is remarkably awful, even in a world where this sort of treatment is becoming frighteningly commonplace.

Joey was understandably scared and confused. He was stranded far from home, with no idea of where his next meal was coming from. To make matters worse, the situation he had been left in made him incredibly distrustful. He was terrified of humans and did not want to let anyone approach him to offer assistance.
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Fortunately, a hero came along to change Joey’s fortunes for good. Lisa did not know Joey or have any idea of how he was before they met. However, she did know that Joey and her were two peas in the same pod. They were both homeless, lonely and scared. Neither of them had a place to call their own in this cold, cruel world.

She took the proper precautions before untying Joey and freeing him from his makeshift prison. Once she got him untied, the pair set off to find food and shelter. Lisa soon realized that the only place that she was allowed to take him was the local shelter.
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The woman’s spirit of generosity should inspire us all. Even though the shelter was three miles away from the place where she discovered Joey, Lisa walked him all the way to the shelter, to make sure that he would have a warm place to stay that night.

Putting her needs to the side, she took care of Joey and this type of selflessness deserves to be shared with as wide of an audience as possible. Thanks to her heroic actions, Joey was able to locate a forever home, where he can run, play and soak up the love and affection of his dutiful owners.

But that’s not all! Be sure to watch this clip in its entirety, so that you can see how the community rallied around Lisa, too. Their actions are definitely inspiring, so share this video with your Facebook friends, as well as your closest friends and loved ones.

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