He Was STEPS Away From Death. When He Gives a Stranger His Paw? What a Transformation!


The following video shows the poor condition Fran was in. Covered with fleas and ticks and showing signs of mange they lost no time getting her to the veterinarian. The parasites were removed and she was given medication and special baths to treat the mange.

Fran was never less than friendly and loving. She simply wanted to be loved. Soon she was feeling better and she blossomed into the love and attention showed her.
Fran now has other dogs to socialize with. Her rescuers are trying to find her a forever home. She is friendly and gentle and disease free.

All over the world, there are street dogs. These precious animals that have been “dropped off” or were born without a family to care for them. Many times people will adopt a dog because it is cute without considering the needs, personality and adjustments of the dog. People need to be sure they can care for a dog before they assume the responsibility.

If they adopt a dog and then realize they do not have the time to properly care for the animal or the money to give the dog the basic necessities, it is their responsibility to find the dog a new home. Instead, these heartless people just take the dog away from their neighborhood and drop it off. The dog has no way to find food or water. They may be hit by a car or chased off time and time again.

Fran was one of the lucky ones. The right people found her in time. She was given health care and food. For hundreds of other dogs, this will not be the case.
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Please be sure you want to be a pet owner before you take a dog into your home. They are living creatures and they rely on you to provide for them.

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