He Unchains The Horse’s Legs. Just Wait Until You See THIS Reaction…


Romanian horses are subjected to some very difficult conditions, as their legs are typically chained together, so that they will have no ability to run away from their masters. Their front or hind legs are joined together with chains and while this is a common practice in this country, it does not mean that the horses have to like it or care for it in any way, shape or form.

While it does hinder them from running away, it’s also a great way to hinder them from actively enjoying their lives, too. When Four Paws rescue veteran Ovidiu Rosu was on a trip to Letea, he saw a horse who was trapped in these chains and decided to put a stop to the animal’s misery once and for all.
If only more people were like Rosu, then more horses could avoid terrible fates like these in the first place. This animal was certainly fortunate to have a hero come along and rescue them from such an awful predicament. It certainly breaks our heart to see such a beautiful and majestic creature reduced to living in chains like this and we wish that no horse had to suffer this ignominious fate.

Seeing the horse’s legs bound in chains is not a pretty sight, but fortunately for viewers, Rosu makes quick work of the horse’s makeshift prison and frees him immediately. The horse is cut loose from the chains and is finally able to frolic and play in the manner that horses were intended.

Best of all, this horse was able to display gratitude for what the man has done. While most animals would have taken off and ran for the hills as soon as they freed, this horse is a more conscientious sort. He is more than happy to tell this man how grateful he is, the only way that he knows how.

He gives Ovidiu Rosu a big, sloppy kiss on the lips! Would you believe that a horse could have this level of appreciation? We could not believe our eyes either and did a double take upon seeing it for the first time. If you’re anything like us, then you’ll need to rewind it a few times.
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This horse’s reaction to the Rosu’s heroic deed is utterly priceless. If you enjoyed this clip as much as we did, then take time out to share it with the equine lovers among your friends and family.

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