He Taped This Dog’s Muzzle Shut With An Electric Tape. Today She Will Blow Your Mind!


This is a story about a dog named Caitlyn, who was forced to endure a hellish existence before she finally found her forever home. When she was discovered by rescuers, the poor pup had electric tape wrapped around her muzzle. She’s a Staffordshire terrier mix and she was horribly mistreated by her previous owner.Fortunately for Caitlyn, a neighbor took notice of her black tongue and swollen lips, calling 911. Once the vets examined her, they came to the conclusion that her owner, a man named William Dodson, had taped the dog’s muzzle shut for over 24 hours. Why would anyone ever do such a thing? His reasoning is difficult to fathom.


William purchased Caitlyn for a mere 20 dollars, which is a drop in the bucket for most of us. But he did not enjoy her incessant barking once he brought her to his home. Instead of remaining calm and trying to soothe the dog’s anxiety, William thought it would be a better idea to literally tape the defenseless animal’s muzzle shut.


Not even close to being satisfied, William then returned to the person who he had bought the dog from, to complain about her constant barking. Once Caitlyn’s situation was reported to the authorities, William was arrested. After he was apprehended by the North Charleston police, he was subsequently charged with animal cruelty.


For her part, Caitlyn was rushed into surgery, where she had to go through a two hour procedure to fix the broken bones in her muzzle. Her lips and tongue were also in bad shape and in need of medical attention. Once her story went public, Caitlyn became an inspiration to all the animal lovers out there who want to find a forever home for lost souls just like her.


Caitlyn was able to bounce back after her harrowing ordeal, even getting a chance to become a calendar girl for the 2016 Charleston firefighting team. Her adorable pose alongside of local firefighter Josh Allen will melt your heart.

She is now residing in a foster home, along with her brother Oreo. She has already fallen head over heels in love with her new family and is happy to be out of the clutches of Dodson. Once his trial has concluded, she can be fully adopted and there is a good chance that this will be the case.


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