He Spotted A Rabbit In His Yard One Day That Sent Chills Down His Spine


Bunnies are commonplace in the world. Almost every homeowner has seen numerous bunnies romping around their yards. In particular, bunnies are rampant in summertime. There’s a reason why “multiply like bunnies” is a common phrase!

Bunnies are normally harmless, cute and fun to watch. They jump around and offer a cute escape for anyone wanting to watch them for an afternoon. Many homeowners find them going after their yard vegetables and foliage.

One watcher, however was surprised one beautiful afternoon when he spied a bunny that looked highly unusual. Although at first it was a “normal” looking bunny, once he got a better look he could see a problem. The bunny seemed to have “horns” all over his face, neck and shoulder. These horns were dark brown and almost pointy.


He got closer to get a better look and realized that the horns were, in fact, real. What could have caused these anomalies? What happened to this bunny that made him look this odd? Were they dangerous?

After some research, he realized that the bunny was not “horned.” Rather, he had CRPV or cottontail rabbit papillomavirus. This was a virus that created massive amounts of tumors over a short period of time in the animals. Without treatment, they would continue. The “horns” were tumors that formed in conical shapes all over the upper body of the bunny.


There was another problem though. The virus prevented the bunny from eating, which inevitably would cause starvation. Look at the pictures and see for yourself what CRPV looks like. Beyond looking strange, the health affects caused by CRPV can be impossible, or at minimum difficult, to overcome.

Although there is nothing this man could do for the rabbit, educating homeowners on what this virus looks like in bunnies can help. People can see what the signs are and, if possible, get the animal help. Though it may be difficult to capture an animal with this type of virus, it may help veterinarians to find solutions. Bunnies are wild but wild life veterinarians may have a way of mitigating the virus with study and education.


CRPV is a virus that has no cause for concern for humans. It is not contagious or dangerous. It is a harrowing disease however for the rabbit. Take a look at the pictures of the bunny with CRPV so it can be diagnosed. Although not a lot can be done, knowing the signs can help to bring education to the masses.


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