He Shows Her Footage Of Her Dancing 85 Years Ago. Her Reaction Is PRICELESS


Alice Barker is a woman who recently celebrated her hundred and second birthday. Many, many years ago, she was a dancer. She was also an actress, appearing in movies, TV shows, and even commercials. She has lived a very full and happy life, though she does not have much memory of her dancing years. She shared the stage with some incredible people during her prime, including Frank Sinatra. Movies were rare back then, so it is no surprise that she has never seen herself on film. That is, until her family was able to get their hands on some footage. Alice danced during the 1930s and 1940s. She was part of what many people consider the Harlem Renaissance. The “sound ease” were discovered and brought to Alice within her nursing home. She maybe 102, but she remembers the videos as soon as she shown them. Her face lights up and her fingers begin to move to the sound of the music.
Her reaction is absolutely touching, and I have personally watch the video several times. It has gone viral, and it’s no surprise. After watching the video, she says that she wishes she could do it all over again, which is one of the most touching things I have heard all year.

The family walks into her room and explains how they were able to find the video footage. The credits list or as Baker, instead of Barker. She nods and begins to explain that it happened all the time. People would leave off the “R” out of her name.

The dancing is absolutely amazing. She has some amazing costumes and is on the stage, dancing with several other women. They dance all around, and you can see Alice’s face of pure joy side-by-side with the video.

Her family begins asking her some questions about whether she remembers these and how many there were. She explains that there were so many, and you can see her really getting excited as the different videos show her in her prime.

Alice Barker may not be able to dance the way that she used to be, but she was given a gift on this day. She was finally able to see herself dance. The footage is from many decades ago, but she is thrilled to be able to relive this, and shared with her family.

She shares the story about being named Chicken Little, and so much more. This 102 year-old lady still has the memories, and she is sharp as a tack.

This video is something that you can watch again and again, especially as you watch her face as she watches the videos. Share with your friends and family now, so that they can see her priceless reaction, too.

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