He Sees Something Swimming Towards His Kayak. But When He Lifts Him Up, Unbelievable!


If you are out on a kayak in Gran Canaria, Spain, you are likely going to see all sorts of different things. You may see different fish, meet other people out on boats, and so much more. What you don’t expect to find is a turtle floating so close to your kayak.

This is what happened with one particular couple. They saw something near their kayak, and when he reached closer, he realized it was a sea turtle. The reason that the sea turtle didn’t swim away is because he was trapped in all sorts of fishing line.

This is when the man decided to be a hero. He listed the turtle out of the water. He then began pulling the fishing line away. He held on the turtle for a few moments, making sure that all of the line was gone. He also took the time to make sure that the turtle wasn’t otherwise injured.
Luckily, the woman in the kayak was able to get the whole thing on video so that we could understand just how important it is not to throw plastic or any other garbage into the water.

After the man realize that the turtle was in injured and that all of the fishing line was gone, the turtle was released in the water.

We always hear about people dumping things into the ocean and the rivers that they shouldn’t, but we don’t always see the consequences. Turtles are the only ones to get the short end of the stick, either. Dolphins, whales, and all sorts of other sea life can be endangered by what we may talk to the river – and this turtle was lucky to have a hero nearby.

Here is the more incredible part – the couple is able to make the rescue while in a kayak. Being in these small boats is all about balance, yet they manage to not tip over while they help the turtle. The turtle was then able to swim away, probably to go and find his family.

This video is short, but shows just how important it is not to litter in the water. It is definitely a way to understand the consequences anytime someone chooses to throw waste into the ocean.

Kayakers Rescue Sea Turtle

The creature was tangled in a lot of line.

Posted by The Weather Channel on Monday, March 28, 2016

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