He Sees His Mom Drowning. Now Watch His INCREDIBLE Rescue!


You may think you’ve seen dog rescue videos before, but you have never a dog rescue video quite like this one. The beagle in this clip has an extreme love and dedication to its mother and was willing to put their own life on the line to ensure her safety.

This beagle sees his mother in the water. What seems like innocent fun at first soon begins to concern the dog. Fully convinced that his mother is about to drown, the beagle looks at the person who is running the camera with a very sad, plaintive expression. He is silently imploring the camera operator to do something, anything!

Finally, he realizes that the person behind the camera is not going to do what he needs to be done, so he takes matters into his own hands. The beagle, with zero regard for his own life and limb, leaps into the water to keep his mother safe.

Dogs are some of the most loyal creatures that you are ever going to come across. Cats are adorable in their own right, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a video of a feline leaping into harm’s way to save their owner. They are more likely to wait on the sidelines and hope for the best.

This beagle must have been a lifeguard in a past life, because they quickly and expertly managed to save this girl. The beagle swam to her in record time and was even able to keep her afloat, no mean feat for an animal of that size.

Not merely content to keep his mother afloat, the beagle takes added initiative and attempts to drag her all the way back to shore by her hair. He is going to get her back to dry land, come heck or high water!

She even tries to bat him away, but he is having one of it. He is going rescue her, gosh darn it, even if its against her own will! This beagle’s heroic behavior deserves a round of applause and we are sure that he received plenty of loving pats for his efforts. Here’s hoping he got all the treats he could eat after that taxing swim.

What a great job this beagle did! Don’t be shy about spreading the love, share this clip with your friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate all of his hard work.

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