He Notices The Horse Acting A Little Strange. When He Gets Closer… Whoa!


Dogs and horses have always been compatible and this video of Whiskey Brown and Lucy proves that these animals understand each other and love being in each other’s company.

Lucy wants to play and takes her ball to Whiskey. Is she expecting him to throw it to her? He picks up the ball and Lucy in expectation wags her tail and jumps around. Whiskey puts the ball down and playfully keeps Lucy at bay by pushing her away with his muzzle. He takes gentle nips at her and she in return dashes around and takes nips at his muzzle trying to get the ball away.
It is all in fun and they look as though they have done this a hundred times. Eventually Whiskey loses interest in the ball and while Lucy is playing in the water trough, Whiskey takes a well-earned roll on the sand. Lucy runs around him keeping well out of the way of flaying hoofs.

When Whiskey has finished rolling, Lucy again brings the ball to Whiskey but he is not really into ball throwing! They spend a bit of time chasing each other, taking friendly nips at each other’s muzzles and generally enjoying being together. These two are great companions.

After a bit of tomfoolery Whiskey does what horses are supposed to do – run! With Lucy in hot pursuit!

On a property large enough to accommodate a horse at full gallop, Whiskey takes advantage of the freedom. Lucy does her best to keep up and shows enormous stamina in not letting Whiskey out of her sight. Pace for pace, Lucy runs behind Whiskey and easily keeps up. Around and around the trees and paths, Lucy taking the occasional short-cut but never losing sight of him.

Finally, Lucy stops to have some water but no, Whiskey is off again on another circuit with Lucy close behind. When Lucy begins to flag and slow down, Whiskey stops, turns around and allows Lucy to catch up.

Finally Lucy can get the well-needed drink by jumping right into the trough. Whiskey is ready to do it all again and probably does, all day long. How wonderful to have a companion to spend time with.

Horses are very tolerant of dogs and most racing stables have Jack Russell’s, Golden Retrievers or similar dogs to keep company with the horses. They act as guard dogs, barking at the approach of strangers and generally keep the horses alert, particularly if there is only one horse on the property. With the energy of these two animals, the owner doesn’t have to take the dog for a walk – or the horse for that matter.
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Whiskey Brown and Lucy keep each other company all day and are the best of friends. This is such a heart-warming story and can teach us a good lesson of tolerance and love.

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