He Films Budweiser’s Newborn Baby, But When THIS Happens, I Squealed!


The Clydesdale is universally regarded as the most gentle of giants. These horses are found in Scottish pastures and have been used by the alcoholic beverage behemoth Budweiser for a number of iconic ad campaigns. Now that these horses have become famous all over the world, the time has come for a behind the scenes glimpse at the life of a Clydesdale.
By taking the time to watch this video, you will receive an interesting look at what life is like for some of the most famous horses on the planet. While that may be more than enough for some people, the reality is that most people are going to tune into this clip to take a peek at the baby Clydesdales.

These babies are certainly not camera shy and they are more than ready for their close-up, having learned from their media savvy mothers and fathers. When they are not filming their latest commercials, these horses are able to live it up in the sunshine on their ranch in Boonsville, Mississippi.

This clip shows you a day in the life of these soon to be stars, as they frolic and play on the ranch with their parents and the man who is fortunate to call himself the owner of these beautiful, majestic creatures. Since their debut on Super Bowl Sunday almost 30 years ago, the Clydesdale has become a symbol for all things Budweiser.

Ads featuring these horses have become the most hotly anticipated and continue to live on through the power of the Internet, garnering millions upon millions of view. Everyone remembers where they were when they first saw the classic commercial featuring the Clydesdales and their golden retriever pal.

Back in 1933, the Busch sons decided that it would be a great idea to surprise their patriarch, August A. Busch Senior, with a special gift: a hitch built for six Clydesdales, which was meant to celebrate the end of the Prohibition era.

The eldest Busch immediately realized that horse drawn wagons would be a marketing stroke of genius and he was proven right when these Scottish imports became highly demanded. The hitch started its travels around the country, handing out cases of Budweiser to thirsty onlookers.

Budweiser continues to embrace their identity to this day, calling the horses a symbol for Budweiser’s everlasting commitment to delivering a quality beverage that adheres to their traditions and heritage.

The payoff to this clip comes when the baby horse attempts to plant a kiss on the stunned camera operator. This is proof of the horses’ loving and kind nature and will warm the heart of anyone who is watching. Please share this video with your friends on social media, so their hearts can be warmed, as well.


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