He Caught A Fast Food Worker Doing This To A Disabled Customer, And Now It’s Going Viral…


Ridge Charles has been working at this particular Qdoba location in the state of Kentucky for the past five years, getting to know one customer in particular. While the identity of this woman is not known to Charles, she clearly loves Qdoba, making regular visits, even though she has been confined to a wheelchair.
The woman typically sits down outside of the Qdoba location and waits for someone to help her get inside. Ridge made the decision during one of his shifts to give her the help she needed. Tired of watching her daily struggle, he went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did he provide her with help getting through the line, but he also sat her down in the lobby.
Ridge also obtained everything that she would need to enjoy the meal and maintained a smile throughout the entire process. Once she had been seated and was ready to begin eating, Ridge then asked the woman if there was anything else that he could possibly do to help make her dining experience more enjoyable.

That’s when the woman asked the question that cause this seemingly everyday fast food restaurant trip to go viral: Can you please help me eat? In order to see what happened next, be sure to watch the video and bear witness to Ridge’s heroic display of unselfishness.

Videos like these are living proof that the smallest gestures are the ones that end up meaning the most to people. What Ridge did for this woman took very little effort on his part and likely meant the world to this wheelchair bound woman, who has probably become accustomed to being ignored by society at large.

Being kind and helpful to strangers, even when there is nothing to be gained for it, is what makes the world such a great place to live in. Most people would never dare to do what Ridge did that day and to perform an act this kind without expecting anything in return is what sets Ridge apart from the pack.

The reason we are able to see this video? Dr. David Jones, who was in the same Qdoba location on that fateful day, recording Ridge’s act of kindness. He was so touched by this young man’s selfless act, he felt the need to break out his camera and share the moment with everyone.

Need proof that there are still positive people in this world? Then watch this video and share Ridge’s amazing story on your Facebook wall or with your followers on Twitter, so that a deed this good does not manage to go unnoticed. This video is amazing and just goes to show that nice guys do not have to finish last!


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