He Can’t Thank Her Enough For What She Did For Him!


Most people who travel do so with the intention of being able to relax and get away from the struggles of real life. Many times, they use their vacation to learn something new about a culture. There are those who travel for different reasons. This can include advocating for animals like one heroic woman.


Thailand is known for their abuse of elephants in the tourism industry. One woman, Claudia Lifton, who works for Factory Farming Awareness Coalition is traveling to make sure that all animals are being treated ethically. One day, while in Pak Bang for a visa renewal, Claudia noticed a three-month old monkey who was tied in a cage with the rope around his neck. As her adrenaline took over, she knew that she must do something to save this baby monkey.


The first thing she did was attempt to speak with the owners about how sick the money looked. She soon discovered that communication would be a problem since these owners did not speak English.


Instead of leaving, she bravely sat down in an attempt to rescue the baby monkey. When she finally found someone who could translate for her, she learned that the owners had attempted to rescue the monkey from poachers who intended on selling him to the tourism industry.


Then she offered the owner money so that she could make sure that the monkey was okay, they refused. She could have walked away, but instead she chose to stay with the monkey. As she sat there crying she was trying to figure out what she could do for him.


Eventually the owners became embarrassed that she was still there. She was crying and it was causing a scene in front of their business. They offered to trade the monkey for her camera. Claudia happily offered up her camera in order to help save the endangered monkey.


Claudia went one step further after she had rescued the monkey and worked to find him the best possible home. Today he lives with his own siblings at ACRES Wildlife Sanctuary.


There he has found a family that he can cling to when he becomes frightened. There is no way for this monkey to repay Claudia or to show her how thankful he is that she happened to walk by and become a part of his life.



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