Grizzly Bear Climbs The Ladder, Belly Flops Into Pool Just Like A Kid


The bear paddles about a bit, climbs out of the pool on the side, shakes off the water, and has another go at the ladder and the pool. The swimming exercise may go on much longer than the video. A small black bear near the pool is simply uninterested in Bruiser or the pool.

The bear is funny and amazing. The man that is making the video and obviously the bear’s new owner is hilarious. He talks to the rather large bear like the bear was a young child that is playing in the pool. The grizzly responds by showering the man with a shake of his thick coat.
It is very obvious that the bear and the man know each other very well. Even with a long acquaintance, the courage that the man shows in dealing with an animal that could injure him severely is stunning. The little video shows just how much a “wild” animal can learn to trust and obey a kind and caring human.

You have to share this video. The bear diving is hilarious if a tad ungainly. You really expect the bear to mount the surf board that is in the pool. The man talking to the bear is equally as humorous.

People like bears because they are big and powerful. Bruiser shows a much more cuddly side of bears that is obviously the result of hours of care and training on the part of the man that rescued the grizzly from an unknown but unhappy circumstance.
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It’s a diving bear. What’s not to like? The video is a reminder that people who rescue animals from the wild or from circuses need support in their efforts to provide homes for animals that would otherwise be left to die or live a miserable caged life.

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