Golden Retriever Puppy Completely LOSES IT When He Meets A Baby Goat


As humans, we could stand to take lessons from animals and their ability to accept one another, no questions asked. We’ve seen it many times before, two animals of completely different species are placed in the same room together, only to immediately put their dissimilarities aside and become fast friends.

While most would think that a meeting between a puppy and a goat would not go too well, the puppy and goat in this clip have other ideas. Seeing a four day goat and a four month dog take to each other like this will definitely give you the warm fuzzy feeling inside and this video just might be the most touching one we’ve seen in some time.
When the goat decides to crawl into bed next to the pup, our hearts melted. The baby goat does not remain comfortable, though, and makes a second decision to hop back out of the dog’s bed. The puppy takes off after him, as he seems to miss his new buddy already. Seeing the puppy look so happy is enough to remind us that our minor differences don’t matter, it is how we treat others.

The puppy sniffs the goat up and down and seems to be satisfied with his presence. Some might believe that the puppy and goat are destined to be enemies, but near as we can tell, they are simply playing with one another. The dog even sprints back to his bed, to protect his territory, but the goat is not paying him any mind.

The goat finally has enough of the puppy’s shenanigans and heads in the opposite direction. This poor little guy does not know that the puppy is just playing and the puppy has no interest in letting him off the hook. He is gonna haze his new pal and teach him the lay of the land if its the last thing that he does!

Our canine buddy can’t seem to control his enthusiasm, sliding all over the floor, in an effort to keep up with baby goat. For his part, the baby goat seems bemused by all of this. If we were betting people, we’d say that these two are destined to be good buddies for years to come.

To find out more about how this initial meeting of the minds went, take time out to watch this hilarious clip in its full entirety. You’ll be glad you did!

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