George The Dog Becomes Mommy To Two…Adorable Ducklings?!


George is a big and beautiful black dog. The farmer who owns George knows that when you purchase animals it is best to get them as young as possible. That was his thought process when he brought home these two adorable black ducklings. The following video shows that the ducklings wasted no time in finding their new mother. It is George. After all, they are the same color!


George was not too keen on becoming an adopted mother. The ducklings would not take no for an answer. Every time George sits down, they try to snuggle under his tail. They must remember a black wing that kept them warm at birth. George wants no part of it and sometimes the little ducklings give his legs a peck or two to make him cooperate.

Though it is safe for a duckling to leave it’s mother after around 30 to 60 days which can be measured with how soon they become independent. Ducks eat a wide variety of food so it is not difficult for them to feed themselves. But as this video shows, just because they can leave their mother it doesn’t mean they want to leave her.

It is possible that the ducklings feel insecure since they have been moved to an unfamiliar home. Or maybe the ducklings just thought that having a very large mother with dark fur and a warm body was just really cool.

George tries to get away from the ducklings, but they will not give up. Maybe George just thinks that even if they are irritating, they are really little so he exercises patience.

It is not unusual for a newly hatched duckling to attach himself to the first thing he sees; it is rare for that thing to be a dog. There have been cases of dogs becoming friendly with geese. (But geese are very intimidating.) But then some dogs do not have the gentle nature that George does. Maybe George has become attached to the baby ducks too. I would not want to be the animal that tries to separate this trio.
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For right now it looks like George is the ducklings adopted mother. Who knows, maybe George will be named mother duck of the year. George is taking all this in stride, he just hopes the farmer doesn’t bring home any more babies for George to nurture.

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