Genius Cat-Pack Lets Your Pet Travel Like A Little Astronaut


Felicette was the first cat to participate in a rocket launch by the French in 1963 when Veronique AGI was launched. Ever since that moment, many cats had desired to go on an expedition however, they had to be restricted by the cost of cat-astronaut training and the expensiveness of rockets. Today, a low budget alternative has been designed. Thanks to U-Pet Bubbles Pet Carrier.


It is the latest innovation in the pet world that has made life very easy for pets to explore the outside world. Sometimes, you may discover that your cat is afraid of going outside, but it really wants to see what is going on outside, but at the same time, it doesn’t want to feel it. There is no need to worry anymore about this, as you can now take your lovely kitty on trips so she can experience the beautiful world outside your home.

This exciting adventure for you and your cat has been made possible through the use of U-Pet Bubble Pet Carries. These pet carriers are spectacularly designed to accommodate any of your four-legged friends in pet packs that have got the look of tiny spaceships.


However, the bubble-windowed carrier is not only designed for cats but can be used to convey any other small sized animal. As a normal pet carrier with a bubble window, pets can conveniently experience a full 360-degree view of the outside world. Basically to enhance the free flow of air, this bubbled window carried has mesh sides.


The U-Pet Bubble Pet Carrier is not built for supersized cats as it is designed to carry pets that have got a maximum weight of 20 pounds. So, if by any means, you are a proud owner of a really lazy large pet, we are sorry to say that you will just have to continue with the typical non-space like carries.


This cool pet carrier allows you and your pet to enjoy the scenery outside the house while taking a walk around. This comfortable carrier has got a semi-sphere window that can be removed should you have a smaller pet. Its interior is well furnished like a car seat that can serve as a mobile pet bed for the pet. Apart from the fact that it has got ventilation holes and mesh panels it has also got a soft bed and a built-in security leash that can fit pets of up to 20 pounds. We have not tested these pet carriers for safety, but on U-Pet’s products have an average customer rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Also, it turns out that small dogs enjoy feeling like cosmonauts, too.

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