From The Outside It Looks Like A House You’d Never Want To Live In. But Once Inside? WOW!


Thanks to the power of the Internet and digital video, we can now catch a long awaited glimpse of these homes’ interiors. We are now granted a first person look at different takes on the usual living quarters. Take the Mushroom House, for instance. Over the course of eight short minutes, you are taken inside of this truly unique home and given the chance to appreciate its wondrous beauty. From the outsider’s perspective, the home looks like two massive mushroom stalks and is usually considered to be uninhabitable. But the interior of this home is unlike any other that you have ever had the chance to lay eyes upon.

The house’s design is meant to enhance functionality and give a natural feeling. Rob and Rich Testa have come together to show off their living space and allow us to take a closer look at the features that were added by designer James Johnson.

The first room that we visit inside of the Mushroom House is the great room, which is a large, open space that comes equipped with wall mounted televisions, comfortable leather couches and an array of interesting wall decorations. The walls are covered in spotted, brightly colored designs, to give the home a look unlike any other you’ve seen.

Completing the interior decoration of the home was no small task, requiring the work of at least twenty artists. But the house does not give off the appearance of having too many chefs in the kitchen, as all of the designs have been integrated together in one cohesive manner.

The rooms of this home are called “pods” and they are joined by interconnecting hallways. Intricate, hand crafted tiling work was added to each individual pod to ensure that they stood out among the crowd.

Each door was built from solid mahogany and feature a number of intricate details that seem almost impossible upon first glance. Every area of the home has been crafted by hand and given one of the more creative artistic vibes I’ve ever laid eyes on.

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