How This French Bulldog Begs For His Toy Is The Cutest Thing You’ll Ever See


Generally speaking when a dog or puppy wants something they can be very annoying until they get it. Begging is of course the chief technique employed to get whatever the desired object is.

Begging takes many forms, from jumping on you, barking relentlessly, constantly being in your face or underfoot and of course the all-time favorite method – whining persistently sometimes hours on end. Some dogs will even sit stone-still appearing as if they are a statue until they get what they want. This of course is a less obnoxious method of begging, however it can also be a bit creepy.
Wouldn’t it be incredible to have a dog that knows the proper and polite way to request their favorite toy or even morsel of food? Well this dog owner of one of the most adorable French Bulldogs ever seems to have found the secret to teaching proper begging etiquette. He has learned that using the proper etiquette and manners will get him his desired object.

This adorable little French bulldog doesn’t whine, or jump or bark incessantly, no, he has manners as he sits up on his short stubby little hind legs, with his front paws pressed together, he almost appears to praying. He remains in his proper begging position as he stares over at his favorite toy, waiting ever so patiently for his owner to reward his good manners.

Frenchy (not his real name of course) quietly and politely pleads with his owner several times as he sees his precious treasure just on the other side of the camera. Not once does he break form and attempt to leap for it. Something most impolite and ill-mannered dogs would have done long before Frenchy does. He has had his sights on his favorite toy all day and he is not about to give up being polite and well-mannered to risk not acquiring it.

Finally after a few minutes of adorable proper begging, he gets his long awaited reward. His owner hands him his long awaited treasure and always the gentleman, Frenchy politely takes it from her hand. A lesser mannered dog would have grabbed it forcefully and run off, but as you will see when you watch this too cute for words video, he remains well mannered, polite and appreciative.

Put a smile on your face and the face of others today, check out the video and be sure to share it often. The fruits of obedience and proper manners should be shared.

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