For 5 Months, This Heartbroken Dog Waited For His Humans To Return. Then A Miracle Happened..


Buddy the white long haired dog basked in the California sun looking around his new domain, a large plowed field near Bakersfield. He was confused but comfortable and glad that he and his owners were moving here. His mistress had taken him for a ride that morning in her BMW to show him their new home. She had stopped along the side of the road which was something she had never done before and then she got out and opened the back door. “Come on boy,” she called in a happy voice she had a hamburger and his favorite fetch stick.

Buddy’s mistress jogged far out into the middle of the field she threw the stick as hard and far as she could and unwrapped the hamburger leaving it neatly on the ground. Buddy had not been fed that morning so he was hungry and forgot about the stick and ran for the hamburger. He was really hungry and did not follow mistress back to the car. It was a delicious burger with three paddies of meat and two slices of cheese. He did not notice the noise of the engine when the car started. He passed it of to his mistress driving her car up to him in the field.

But when Buddy finished licking the burger wrappings he looked up and was surprised to see the car was gone. Buddy stretched out in the warm sun happy and contented full but a little thirsty. Mistress had gone to get his bed and bowl and her kids they were going to make a new home here, a great place with lots of room to romp and play.

There must have been a problem, the sun was low setting in the trees and still no sign of the BMW or Mistress or the kids. The sun was going down and Buddy was really thirsty and Mistress had gotten lost bringing the kids back or her she had blown a tire or something. Buddy hoped she was ok.

Buddy woke up, oh the field was not a dream he was not in his bed. The field was comfortable to sleep on but Buddy was chilled, and really hungry and thirsty. Buddy felt something deep inside rising up. Instinct was starting to take over he was going to have to find food and water here in the field he could not wait any longer for Mistress to fix her car and come with the kids. The hunter buried deep in his DNA began to surface.

Months had gone by and Buddy was a changed dog. He had lost weight and his fur was long and matted but every day he still stretched out rain or shine and waited for his Mistress to find him and build the new home there.

Buddy had become an accomplished hunter and he learned where to go to lap up water, still the people who saw him felt sorry for the abandoned dog in the big field. He would not go to them so they started leaving food and water for him. A tv station even did a story on Buddy. He but he not mind the visitors who came to see him in the field, but he was not interested in being re-tamed by them. He remained loyal to mistress.
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Buddy was a lucky dog. Just as the winter threatened with cold weather a determined kind hearted stranger named Annette decided to enter Buddy’s life. It is not a simple matter to rescue an abandoned dog that has been psychologically scarred but Annette had seen videos by Hope for Paws so she had information as well as determination. But would it be enough to rescue for Buddy after he had survived five months of abandonment?

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