11 Huge Dogs Who Think They Are Lap Dogs. #10 Will Melt Your Heart!


Dogs are funny. They have no idea how big they are. They remember when they were puppies and would sit on your lap and you would hold them. When the dogs grow up, they get big, but they don’t really have any sense of just how big they are. They still want to get on your lap for some cuddle time. They want you to rub their belly like you did when they were little.
Many of the dogs featured below look tough, but they’re actually big babies. They are going to try and convince their owners that they are lap dogs, even if it smothers their owners!
1. If you just move your leg over here, I may be able to fit on your lap. Fine, I’ll settle for just my face.

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2. Okay, if I can’t be a lap dog, I’ll be a lap for someone else.


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3. I can totally fit in here, see? I’m not uncomfortable in the least!


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4. Mom, I’ve got ya. I’m right behind you.


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5. Dad? Will you dance with me? I just want to be held right now.


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6. This is totally natural. I’m on your lap and this is fun.


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7. I just needed to stretch and see if there were any cookies up here.

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8. Is it me, or are these chairs a little small? I don’t remember them being this small a few years ago.


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9. You don’t mind, do you mom? I’ll just sit on your lap for a little while and watch what’s going on.

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10. This place is really scary! Can you just hold me for a few minutes?

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11. I’m just hanging out at the pool. I don’t know what everyone is looking at!

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Most of the owners look completely content to have their dog smothering them and that’s because it’s being done with love. Many of the owners have likely grown up with these dogs and remember them as puppies. It’s hard to suddenly not want to be around your dog just because they are now bigger than you. Each of these owners have a smile on their face or at least don’t seem to mind the dog getting all up in their business. The dogs treat it all as second nature. They don’t have a care in the world that they may be too big for the space. Most of them probably have no idea just how big they are – or how unnatural it looks for them to be doing what they’re doing.

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