He Finds A Stray Dog Roaming The Streets. Then He Picks Her Up And Sees It On Her Body…


Eduardo Rodriguez was happily walking a common route in Granada, Spain, not thinking that he soon would have the chance to change a life. Then, something caught the corner of his eye. He saw a 10-month old puppy barely able to stand. It was on the side of the road, trembling and obviously struggling. Immediately, he went to see what was wrong and how he could help.


The horror of what he saw was startling. The puppy was starving to the point of sure death. His ribs protruded, he was shaking, and his eyes were dull. Rodriguez knew that if he didn’t help the small animal, there was no hope beyond possibly a few more painful hours. The most troubling thing was that they met in a highly populated area. Most likely, he was not the first one to see the pup; Rodriguez decided he would be the first one to help though.

He quickly gathered up the puppy and took it to a local rescue center. Carrying her meager frame, he realized how close to death the dog was. Veterinarians confirmed the emaciated pup was on her last few hours of life and surely would have died if someone didn’t intervene. They could try to treat her, but they needed someone to go out of their way and get her to them for help. Rodriguez was that person.

The puppy was named Barilla by Rodriguez, who hoped getting her to the rescue center in time would give her a chance at life. The staff put her 16-pound frame into urgent care and started her on a drip. Would this be enough? Did they still have time to turn things around for this little starving puppy?

As the weeks moved forward, Barilla sent a clear message: she was not done with this life. She needed help in the form of nourishment and love, but once she found it, she was determined to live. Slowly, the puppy started gaining weight. Then she started standing. Then she started moving around on her own. As her strength grew, she began to act like a puppy. It took time, but Barilla was a fighter.

Take a look at the video and see what this little puppy lived through. At just 10-weeks old, she was on death’s doorstep but, with the help of a caring stranger, managed to hold on. This video will show you how determined she was to live. The video will also show you how the caring of one person can not only change a life, but sustain it!

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