Fill An Empty Bottle With Light With This Innovative Rechargeable Lamp


There are many variations of bottles and a unique simple way to display them too. Once a wine or vinegar bottle is empty, how do you use it? Do you discard it? Wine bottles, in particular, come in a variety of shapes and colors that can be introduced in a number of design themes and decors. Not only can the bottles be used in vintage design schemes, they can be incorporated into contemporary decorating themes as well.

Turn a Bottle into a Decorative and Interesting Light
While some people may consider bottles to be trash, that notion is soon abandoned when the empty bottles are lit with a creative, if not innovative, lamp. The rechargeable source of illumination can be plugged into a USB port of a computer system or electronic. The lamp works best with wine bottles as it is designed to look just like a big tapered cork. The bottom of the cork is actually an LED light.

Place the Cork Light into the Neck of a Clean and Empty Wine Bottle
Simply place the cork light as you would any cork inside the neck of a clean and empty wine bottle. The lamp, in turn, will shine in the bottle for about three hours before it requires another charge. Insert the light’s link, as indicated, into a USB connection when recharging is necessary. The cork look-a-like emits a strong and bright white light.

The Cork Lamp Produces an Atmospheric Glow
The light that glows through the bottle then will assume the bottle’s hue. As a result, using the inexpensive light gadget makes it possible for you to turn an empty wine bottle or similar glass container into an atmospheric light or unique desk or table lamp.

A Lighting Product and Gift Accessory Developed by Suck UK
The light that is described herein was developed by a company, Suck UK, a gifts and home accessories company. You can also use the cork LED light to turn bottles into indoor nightlights as well as outdoor lighting for the garden or patio. Each light comes with a polymer lithium ion battery.

The Average Cost of the Unique Bottle Light
Again, charging time takes no more than one hour while the lights stay lighted for as long as 3 hours per charge. The inexpensive light gadget runs about $10 to $11 online.

Give the Lamp as A Gift to a Friend or to Yourself
Whether you are looking for an inexpensive gadget to turn your trash into a treasure or would like to give the lamp as a gift to a friend or acquaintance, you will want to include this product in your shopping cart. Anyone can go to the store and buy a lamp or lighting accessory. However, few people think about how to turn an item into a practical and decorative light

The Bottle Light is available on Amazon.


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