A Farmer Told A Little Boy Not To Get This Crippled Dog. The Boy’s Response Brought Me To Tears.


Little boys love puppies. They often grow together, and it becomes the best friend that the boy/man ever has. This particular story is absolutely beautiful, and it is the young boy who wants to get a puppy from a local farmer.

The little boy falls in love with a puppy that is crippled, and the farmer tells him not to get him. The second problem was that the boy didn’t have the money to get the puppy. His response is what has created a viral sensation out of the story.

A farmer had several puppies for sale. He made a sign and nailed it to the post in his yard. As he was doing this, he felt the tug on his overalls, and there was a little boy with a huge grin. The little boy told the man that he wanted to buy one of the puppies.

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