Family Gets A Visitor They’ll Never Forget While On Kayaking Trip


For most of us, receiving an unexpected visitor is an unwanted surprise. Just imagine sitting in your home and minding your own business, only to have someone show up out of the blue and demand your attention. Now let’s take this scenario to the next level and imagine what it would be like to having an unexpected visitor drop by while you are on a kayak trip.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good old fashioned kayak trip, right? While this family certainly loves the time they spend on their kayak, they never could have realized just how much their uninvited guest enjoys a a nice, relaxing day out on the water too.

If you’re in need of a dose of adorable during your day, this news clip will provide you with a hearty laugh and a wide smile. The family’s unexpected visitor? None other than a friendly sea lion!

After all, who can blame this sea lion for wanting to get in on the fun? This family definitely seemed to be enjoying themselves and it is easy to see why the sea lion would simply decide to come aboard. As the old saying goes, it is definitely much easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.

Plus, it was Valentine’s Day. For all we know, the sea lion was going through a major breakup and needed to find company to help him deal with the heartbreak. No one should ever have to be completely alone on Valentine’s Day and thanks to this gracious family, the sea lion was not forced to spend a day that is dedicated to love all by his lonesome.

Some may be wondering about the level of danger that the sea lion posed to this family, but the adorable little guy simply hopped onto the back of the kayak and was content to hang out for a little while. He caused no trouble and was clearly happy to have some company. We can’t imagine how lonely it must be for creatures of the sea who do not have friends to hang out with on Valentine’s Day.

Perhaps the sea lion was in search of a lost love or maybe he was just passing the time. Regardless of his actual intent, this video is a fun watch and your friends and family members will definitely enjoy it, so be sure to pass it on!

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