Exhausted Polar Bear Caught In Net Gets Help From … Whale Hunters


This video shows a giant polar bear being saved by a tour guide taking tourists to see them on a barrier island . These bears have less ice to live on every year because of the changing climate and landscape. These bears have to live on land now and this one received a free ride home. The bear looked exhausted in this video and was lucky to be saved by this guide who saw him struggling in the water.

Watch this video and you will see something that doesn’t happen too often. This giant polar bear gets caught in this fishing net and you have to see it captured on video. After the summer their natural habitat has melted away and they have to find refuge on land instead. Because of climate change the polar bears have very little natural habitat to live on. The bears must seek shelter on land and this poor guy got all the help he needed.
Watch as this whale hunter named Rolan Warrior came to his rescue. This giant polar bear got caught in a whale fishing net and was saved. He was returned to this barrier island where he can now live. See how the rescuers get the polar bear up onto the beach and how hard it is to get him out of the net.

This is no easy job as you see the polar bear alongside the rescue boat. Watch this video to see how the polar bear is rescued. This rescue takes place along the Alaskan coast by these caring Eskimos. During the whaling season there is less ice for the polar bears to live on and the exhausted polar bear was lucky to get rescued.
Watch this video to see the complete rescue and how they transport him back to this island. This tour guide was taking tourists out to this barrier island when they stumbled upon this polar bear stuck in a whale hunting net. The hunter and owner of the fishing net named Rolan Warrior came to help rescue this exhausted polar bear.

The polar bears have seen their natural environment of ice slowly disappear. The bears are forced to live in an environment that is land. Their natural environment has disappeared because of the changing climate. Watch this video as this polar bear rescue is caught on tape. These bears are so big and to see one rescued is quite a sight. Enjoy and pass this video on.

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