Dying Puppy Walked To A Man At Work. What Happens Next Is Unimaginable


The love that puppies develop for the people who make themselves a part of their lives is beyond what most human beings can fathom. There is nothing quite like the loyalty of a dog and when that loyalty is reciprocated, truly beautiful things can happen. Cody Leightenheimer was able to experience this phenomenon firsthand, as he was sitting outside of work one day.


He saw a puppy off in the distance and the animal seemed to be in need of his help, as he approached Cody. This puppy must have been in dire straits, for him to walk up to a stranger like that. While Cody did not know what to do initially, he could see that the animal was in need of help. The pup was covered in fleas and was emaciated, due to a complete lack of food.

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Cody brought the pup back home with him, to provide the animal with a much needed meal. After graciously accepting the offer, the puppy would soon curl up and go to sleep in Cody’s office. Cody then brought him to a vet, where it was discovered that the would-be pet was deaf. On top of this severe ailment, he was also struggling with cataracts, stomach ulcers and severely rotted teeth.

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At that time, the man was told by the vet that the dog did not have very long to live. The abuse and malnutrition that the animal experienced were too much to overcome. Cody also learned that the dog was not a puppy after all, he was actually eight years old and may have been as old as 12 when he was found.

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Cody adopted him and for the first time in his life, the dog experienced true happiness. Just check him out, as he plays out in the snow, dresses up for his family’s amusement, enjoys game nights and takes nap alongside of his adopted father. This photo from a few days before he passed away just might break your heart.

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While Cody and his family only knew the pup for a short period of time, they developed an amazing bond. The dog made the last year of his life truly count. He left everyone with a wink of the eye and provided a lifetime’s worth of memories. This post may be sad, but it still deserves to be shared, so please, take a moment to pass it along to your friends.

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