Dozer, The Boxer, Is Afraid Of His Farts And It’s Hilarious!!!


Different dogs have different things that scare them but some phobias are common with most dogs. Some dogs are afraid of going up and down a flight of stairs, some others are scared of going out into the dark at night (hilarious right?) some dogs are even frightened by the sight of a whirling ceiling fan.

Some other common phobias amongst dogs include; unusual sounds, thunderstorms, abrupt movements, sounds made by cats and other animals outside the house as they move about at night. Despite all these fears, a phobia for bodily functions is not one to expect of a dog. And this makes it not only unusual, but also funny.

Unlike humans, dogs do not have control over their bodily functions and most times they really don’t understand what it’s all about. Funny enough, some dogs are freaked out by some of the things that come out of them when they expect it the least. This puppy, Dozer happens to be one of such dogs. Once you find out what this puppy is scared of, I doubt if you would be able to stop laughing.

Since Dozer’s still a puppy, it’s quite easy to understand that he’s just getting to learn some of the things that are in his world. Nevertheless, this cute puppy’s fear of a natural phenomena still manages to draw laughter out of anyone who watches the video. Apparently, Dozer is scared of farts! Yes farts. Whenever his owner makes a funny sound similar to that of a fart, Dozer goes on to check his butt to see if he’s the one that has just farted. Often times, he is unsure if he made the sound, and since the sound scares him so much, he runs around the room in fear that he has just farted again.

The video is attached here, watch and see for yourself!

Quite funny though that he’s scared of farts, he must have learned from previous experiences that it’s not a pleasant one. When something scares a dog, it never forgets it and whenever it comes across it again, the fear comes back in full force. So, cute little Dozer might not be getting over his fear of farts so soon.
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