Dogs’ Unconditional Love For Babies Is Immeasurable


Generally, dog’s love toward man is immeasurable. You will not really know how loving they are except you own one. These are loyal animals that will always want to be at their owners’ side, through thick and thin.


This canine love also extends to human babies. Dogs are pretty well known to feel for these babies as if it is their duty to look after them. In fact, some dogs are known to be great babysitters like the pit bulls which were once referred to as the “nanny breed.”

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Obviously, this kind of affectionate behavior among dogs is linked with their desire to please their human parents. You see, dogs do understand that they belong to a pack or a family unity. To this end, they take time to see and observe the nurturing behavior of humans, how they love and care for their little ones. Without wasting time, they also tend to get involved. Usually, they come in to create priceless moments of affection – an uncommon type of bonding that often lasts for a lifetime.

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It is always the desire of every parent to make their child healthy, happy and feel loved at all times. But what would you say when the parent at this instance has four legs and fur and the babies are human. Species differences aside, those who assume parental roles only wish the best things for their charges just as the sentiment remains the same.

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These dog parents do all they can in their capacity to ensure that their human babies feel very comfortable even if that means becoming the bed themselves. They show love and affection toward their favorite miniature humans even when it’s not favorable or at their own detriment.


circa 1955:  Despite differences in size and species, this boxer dog and baby are the best of friends.  (Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images)

circa 1955: Despite differences in size and species, this boxer dog and baby are the best of friends. (Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images)

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Owning a dog is like having a true companion for life. Even when new members are added to the home, it still remains a vital member of the family. Naturally, when new members come into the home they are naturally adopted by dogs without even any formal introduction. Look at the big dogs shown here, obviously, they have been in the home even before these little ones arrived yet they still take out time to care and protect them.

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It is needful to note that dogs are not hateful. Even when attention shifts to other members of the family, they are still always willing to render a helping hand.

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